Cuckoo Dual Oasis Water Purifier

Cuckoo’s “Dual Oasis” is a Minimalist and stylish design suitable for homes and workplaces. The product is power-packed with “Reverse Osmosis Membrane” which purifies water to 99.9% clean water, removes heavy metals, various bacteria, water-borne microorganisms, and harmful substances remaining in the water, and “Natural Filter” Which ensures a clear taste of natural water.

The Product has Modern features for easy operation, a Dual Faucet for multiple dispensing, detachable and washable faucets to ensure the hygiene of purified water.



5 Filters with 6 Stage Filtration provides you the healthy water to drink for your family, Faucet Sterilization to Get Bactria free water with Sterilization Kit, smart and auto -quantitative heading feature, side open and space-saving design with Safety lock and cup mode feature. Recommended for up to 2000 TDS on government supply water. Its Eco-Friendly filters reduce water wastage, it only produces 600-700 ML of water when purifying 1 Liter of water.

Filters: Removes Virus, bacteria, and heavy metals by 6-Stage Filtration with 5 Filters (Pre Filter, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, and Cuckoo’s RO Filter and Natural plus Filter, Mineralizer (Optional), UF Filter (Optional)) and provides Mild Alkaline water at Ph level between 7-9 which is suitable for healthy drinking water according to WHO. Provides 15 Liter of water per hour.

Features: Air Sealed tank protects from insects and dust particles. Suitable for Table Top and Wall Mount. Designed for home and workplaces. The Kitchenware filter included in this model filtering water for cooking and washing utensils, this makes zero wastage of water and is also saves electricity. Air Sealed Tank using Sterilization after empty which no brand offers