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A Brand aims to make accessible pure water
to all living things at an affordable cost

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Health of Society is Matter

Without healthy people, no country can survive. The purity of
Air & Water is directly related to the health of all living things.

The Solution for Pure water

Our vision is to make available pure drinking water to all people at an affordable cost.  Due to the drastic weather changes in recent years, groundwater levels decreased and most of the water sources become contaminated. The popularity of bore well make groundwater level down and the possibility of natural purification of water is decreased. So we are manufacturing different purifiers that can purify contaminated water that due to different causes.

LiwaSpring offers service at doorstep

As you aware water is the second most essential part of life. In our era, we want to say pure water. Liwaspring considers the first priority to service so that no one from our customers doesn’t have a minute without pure water. We are servicing all purifiers and filters without considering its company.

High Quality at Affordable Price

Liwaspring water purifiers are the cheapest high-quality water purifiers in India. We came to understand the accessibility of pure water becomes very difficult for all classes of people. We invest our time and experience constantly on researching to find cost effective product and make available all pure water to all classes of society.

24x7 service

Liwaspring offers on-time service to your location anywhere in Kerala. We are in your town.

Free Installation

All our products include free installation, one-year free service, and warranty.

Perfect Purifiers

Water quality is different for each location, so we are testing water and supply customized purifier.

Our Products

LiwaSpring manufacturing and distributing water purifiers, water filters, air purifiers, water saving products, water dispensers, waste management products, and Aquaponics  accessories.

Pure water makes your family healthy

One of the major role of drinking water is to purify our body from foreign agents and pesticides or chemicals. But if water is not purified or drinking water from a polluted source make a reverse effect. So in this era of pollution it is highly recommended to use a perfect purifier for drinking and other purposes. Liwaspring water purifiers designed to clear all unwanted elements and particles from the water. It is 100% customizable depends on your water conidtion, so never be over cost.

We are Committed to Water Saving

Water shortages may be caused by climate change, such as altered weather patterns including droughts or floods, increased pollution, and increased human demand and overuse of water. So by using simple tricks and DIY products, we can reduce water usage by up to 10%. We here trying to bring such products to our customers.

LiwaSpring an emerging brand name by Prayana Solutions International Pvt Ltd. H.O. located at Kokkale, Thrissur, Kerala.

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