Aqua Rein Water Purifier


The LiwaSpring® Aqua Rein Water Purifier is a versatile and effective water purifier that removes impurities from your water using various technologies, including RO, UV, UF, alkaline, and non-electric gravity. It’s available in four colors and has a compact design, making it easy to install and maintain. Suitable for Home and small Office use. Select technology based on water condition.

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The LiwaSpring® Aqua Rein Water Purifier is a versatile and effective water purifier that is available in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. It is available in six purification technologies: RO, RO+UV, RO+UV+UF, RO+Alkaline, UV+UF, and Non-electric Gravity Anti-microbial. It is also available in four colors: Grey, Blue, Green, and Black.

Purification Technology

The LiwaSpring® Aqua Rein Water Purifier uses a variety of purification technologies to remove impurities from your water. The specific technologies used will vary depending on the model you choose. Here is a breakdown of the different technologies:

  • RO (Reverse Osmosis): RO is a water purification process that uses pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane removes contaminants such as lead, arsenic, cysts, and bacteria from the water.
  • UV (Ultraviolet): UV light is used to kill bacteria and viruses in the water.
  • UF (Ultra filtration): UF uses a membrane with smaller pores than RO to remove contaminants from the water. UF is effective at removing bacteria, viruses, and cysts, but it does not remove dissolved solids like lead and arsenic.
  • Alkaline: Alkaline water has a higher pH than regular water. This means that it is more alkaline and can help to neutralize acids in the body.
  • Non-electric Gravity Anti-microbial: In this purifier patented G1 Anti-microbial membrane is using. Purifier working in gravity to filter water through a series of filters. The filters remove contaminants such as bacteria and viruses from the water.


Storage capacity: 9L
Purification capacity: 15 to 20LPH
Material: ABS food grade plastic
HSN Code: 84212120
Installation Type: Counter Top/Wall Mount
Output Water Temperature: Room Temperature
Purification Technology: RO&UV,UF
Usage/Application: Home/Office
Pump: 100GPD
Colors: Black, Blue, Aqua Green, Grey
Power Consumption: AC 220 – 230 V / 50 Hz V
Warranty: 1-year standard warranty on electronics and electrical components of the product


  • Removes impurities from water
  • Available in a variety of purification technologies
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Provides clean, healthy drinking water
  • Protects you from harmful contaminants
  • Improves the taste and smell of your water
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Affordable

The LiwaSpring® Aqua Rein Water Purifier is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a versatile, effective, and affordable water purifier. With a variety of purification technologies and colors to choose from, you are sure to find a purifier that is perfect for your needs.

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Blue, Aqua Green, Black, Grey