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Multi-layer Aerobic Kitchen Compost Bin

India’s First Multi-layer Aerobic Compost Bin. Using Microbial Technology. No leachate problem, No bad smell, and No worms. Can be used inside or outside kitchen. Total capacity of 87Ltrs. Just 1.5 Sqft space required. 

Kitchen Compost Bin

Easy Composting

Aerobic Bin System for managing Household Biowastes

The innovative waste management solution can promote a better environment, improve recycling processes and lessen the impact on our landfills.

Multi-Layered bin

Geebin’s key innovation lies in its dual-layer design, featuring outer and inner walls with numerous holes. While black soldier flies lay eggs on the outer layer, the inner layer remains inaccessible to them, preventing hatching within. So that very less chance of growing worms. The abundance of small holes ensures proper air circulation, facilitating the optimal performance of aerobic microbes.

Lechate Recovery System

Kitchen bio-wastes typically consist of approximately 70% water, leading to the potential issue of water leachate. Geebin’s standout feature is its innovative leachate recovery system, adept at absorbing significant water volumes. Employing Geebin’s DCom and Flourish, a Cocopeat mixed inoculum effectively regulates water content in food waste. High water content poses a hindrance to efficient composting processes.

Outdoor & Indoor usage

Traditional kitchen composters face challenges with odor and leachate, rendering them unsuitable for indoor use. However, using them outdoors poses difficulties due to increased worm production. GeeBin addresses both issues, providing a solution suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. It efficiently eliminates leachate problems, unpleasant odors, and the proliferation of worms, all within a compact 1.5 sqft space.

Microbial Technology

No Bad Smell

No Leachate

Control Worms

Technical Support


Offer Price 5200 ₹5000 only
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Free DCom & Flourish
Total Save ₹1,100/-

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